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Maintenance products

TESTOIL-MP - Acidity tests for refrigerant oils

Technical description
The oil acidity content is an important parameter to check because it determines the refrigerating installation's good operating condition.
Two internal chemical processes can alter the oil quality and generate the formation of acids and sludge harmful for the installation:
  • the formation of free fluorinated and chlorinated acids produced by alteration of halogen refrigerants;
  • the formation of fatty acids by hydrolysis of POE-type oils.
These acids then generate metallic salts and oxides (iron or copper) that could block the oil filter or lead to the copper plating of metallic parts in motion. These degradation phenomena are dangerous for the installation, because they lead to seizing of oil pumps and to severe damage due to lubrication defect.

The new oils (mineral, alkylbenzenes and polyol-esters) have different acidity indices due to the addition of (anti-wear, antioxidant, anticorrosive…) additives by the manufacturer, in order to reduce mechanical wear and extend the compressor’s service life.

>> SDS TESTOIL-MP - click here
TESTOIL-MP - Acidity tests for refrigerant oils
CARLY advantages
  • TESTOILs are ready for use products, usable on site.
  • TESTOIL-MAS is compatible with no additive mineral, alkylbenzene and polyvinylether oils.
  • TESTOIL-POE is compatible with additive polyol-ester oils.
  • The measurement process is simple, quick and efficient.
Extra information
>> Technical documentation
pdf - 290 ko
>> Maintenance products leaflet
pdf - 4969 ko
>> Weights and packaging
pdf - 985 ko
>> REACH communiqué
pdf - 770 ko
>> Warning - General sales terms
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