CARLY manufactures refrigeration component solutions

The whole CARLY team is committed to you, manufacturers (OEMs), distributors, installers in refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy.

We bring you innovative, reliable and efficient refrigeration system component solutions.


CARLY: a story of men and know-how

Dare ! CARLY’s DNA

In the 40s, the founder of CARLY seizes an opportunity. Indeed, Mr Carterot has adapted his know-how to position himself in the refrigeration components market.

He meets an importer of American filter driers. Quickly a relationship of trust is established between the two men. Always attentive, force of proposal and expert in the metalwork, he will then present to this importer a unique solution of filter driers. Thus the company CARLY (contraction of CARterot LYon), initiates its ascent.

Since then, CARLY’s ambition to be innovative and ready to listen to you, has been rooted in the company’s culture. With 80 years of experience in refrigeration components and the desire to always surpass itself, the company invests continuously to meet your needs.

2 pillars of its business: Humans and technology

The CARLY teams, reactive, flexible and ingenious, support you in the different phases of your project with enthusiasm. They forge a real long-term partnership with you.

Thus the design office enlightens you in the selection and/or design of the RIGHT refrigeration component. CARLY provides you with solutions adapted to the constraints of fluids (liquids, solids or gases). The whole team is involved to offer you a perfect answer to your specifications.

Thanks to the control of fully integrated manufacturing processes, the company manufactures high quality and highly competitive MADE IN FRANCE components. With a continuous improvement approach, CARLY optimizes its costs at all levels of production.

To achieve this goal, the company offers you:

  • recognized expertise in: metalwork, welding, brazing, assembly and formulation. With all these disciplines mastered, the company works with carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper…
  • High tech industrial tool: more and more efficient robots and tightness testing machines (pressure, helium …) are integrated

Also, with a satisfaction rate of 99.80%, the customer relationship is at the heart of the company’s culture. The Sales Administration Service is always available to ensure an excellent and personalized follow-up of your supply chain.

The company will answer all your questions regarding filtration, decontamination, noise reduction, oil return management or refrigeration equipment maintenance. Thanks to its high value-added solutions, CARLY is positioned as a reliable, audacious and unique partner.



Présent on the refrigeration components market since the 40s, the CARLY brand has built a strong reputation.

Unmissable on the European market and a solid reputation for major exports

The high level of expertise and exceptional know-how, are both recognized on the French market and approved across borders. The company has truly attracted an international clientele thanks to its adaptability, responsiveness and competitiveness. As a result, CARLY RCS exports 60% of its production: 40% in Europe, 20% in major export areas (North America, China, Russia, Africa, Middle East…)

With more than 1000 references, CARLY offers a wide range of solutions to meet multiple applications in the world of refrigeration, air conditioning and renewable energy: refrigeration plant, heat pump, refrigeration console… This is why it is present in many sectors, such as transport (air, rail, road), retail, industry.

The industrial organization and the flexibility of the company allow to face your constraints of quantities and to satisfy your technical requirements. In fact, beyond the standard products, CARLY offers tailor-made and customizable solutions and products. They are designed and manufactured at your request, for your specific applications.

A commitment to a sustainable quality and environmental approach.

For several years, a large number of players in the refrigeration market have been looking for solutions to respond to a changing environment. That’s why CARLY also accompanies you in the challenge of new refrigerants.

To download the certificates, click on the following links:     ISO 9001 certificate       ISO 14001 certificate

So whatever your markets and your needs are (size, sizing, weight, material, assembly, special expedition, small medium series or even prototyping …) let yourself be surprised and guided by the CARLY team!