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News of the month

High pressure products range: 64 - 90 - 140 bar

HP ranges, for CO2 applications in subcritical and transcritical operating conditions, 64, 90 and 140 bar:

Anti-acid filter driers DCY-P6 with PS = 64 bar

Anti-acid filter driers DCY-P14 with PS = 140 bar

Filter shell driers BCY-P14 with PS = 140 bar

Dirt filters FILTRY-P9 with PS = 90 bar

Dirt filters FCY-P6 with PS = 64 bar

Discharge line mufflers SCY-P6 with PS = 64 bar

Discharge line mufflers SCY-P14 with PS = 140 bar

Oil filters HCYF-P6 with PS = 64 bar

Oil filters HCYF-P14 with PS = 140 bar

Check valves CRCY-P9 with PS = 90 bar

Main modifications in the CARLY 2016 technical documentation

The development of natural refrigerants and the evolution of the refrigeration systems have led CARLY to launch many new ranges of products on the market and to adapt certain existing families / references. The new technical documentation CARLY 2016 therefore presents a large number of new products that we bring to your attention:

1. 1. For CO2 applications with machines running in subcritical and transcritical mode, CARLY offers the following products:

2. CARLY expands its range of bi-flow filter driers DDCY with 6 new models that can operate in systems with cooling capacities ranging from 150 to 450 kW :

  • DDCY 409 S and MMS: connections 1’’ 1/8
  • DDCY 411 S/MMS: connections 1’’ 3/8
  • DDCY 513 S and MMS: connections 1’’ 5/8
  • DDCY 517 S/MMS: connections 2’’ 1/8

3. The maximal working pressures of the oil separators TURBOIL (hermetical) and TURBOIL-F (flanged) have increased up-to 46 bar, as well as their differential operating pressures which have passed from 19 to 29 bar.

4. The modification of the PS max for the TURBOIL-F had an impact on their gaskets and spare parts. The table below summarizes the changes.

Old reference deletedCY15555151Gasket for flange2505 S/MMS to 3011 S/MMS
New referenceCY15555301Gasket for flange2505 S/MMS to 3011 S/MMS

Old reference preserved (BACY - BBCY)

CY15555701Gasket for flangeBACY - BBCY
New referenceCY15555304Gasket for flange7011 S/MMS to 9017 S/MMS
Old reference preserved (ACY - BCY - HCYBF)CY15555601Gasket for flangeACY - BCY - HCYBF
New referenceCY15555303Gasket for flange

15013 S and MMS to 30025 S and MMS


Current reference for products manufactured before 2010 
CY33402000Lower part with gasket & float set2505 S/MMS to 3011 S/MMS (before 2010)
Old reference deletedCY33800515Flange with gasket and float set2505 S/MMS to 3011 S/MMS
New referenceCY33800516Flange with gasket and float set2505 S/MMS to 3011 S/MMS
Current reference for products manufactured before 2010CY33403000Lower part with gasket & float set7011 S/MMS to 9017 S/MMS (before 2010)
Old reference deletedCY33801705Flange with gasket and float set7011 S/MMS to 9017 S/MMS
New referenceCY33800456Flange with gasket and float set7011 S/MMS to 9017 S/MMS
Old reference preserved for some products only



Flange with gasket and float set

15013 S and MMS to 30025 S and MMS (before PS 46 bar)

15021 S and MMS to 30025 S and MMS (PS 46 bar)

New referenceCY33801706Flange with gasket and float set15013 S and MMS to 15017 S/MMS

5. Following changes on some Copeland compressors in 2012 and 2014, CARLY has upgraded its range of oil levoil regulators LEVOIL and its HCYN 1A adapters. The tables on pages 49.8, 49.9 and 49.10 have been updated and the details of these changes were the subject of the CARLYNEWS published in April 2015.

6. Two accessories complete the following ranges of chemicals:

  • A 60 cm flexible extension tube, for aerosols (CARLY reference : CY 10207090): CARLYLOC – CARLYCLEAN-F – CARLYCLIM – CARLYPRO-F – CARLYNET – CARLYSTEEL.
  • An empty 500 ml sprayer for (CARLY reference : CY 44800200): CARLYLOC – CARLYCLEAN – CARLYBIO - CARLYPRO.

7. The references of these products have been removed:

  • ACY 14417 S/MMS – ACY 144121 S and MMS – ACY 14425 S and MMS.
  • NCY 76 – NCY 76 S and MMS – NCY 77 S/MMS.

8. CARLY has completed its general precautions of assembly by integrating, inter alia, the tightening torques to be respected on its dismountable products.

For any further information,
do not hesitate to contact CARLY :

Cleaner and degreasing agent for aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers

Deposits of dust, dirt, pollen or moisture clog the surfaces of heat exchangers. The accumulation of these contaminants reduces the heat exchange surface area with consequent excessive energy consumption and a decline in the performance of the system.

The clogging of the fins places high loads on the equipment to achieve the required temperatures. The compressor runs longer, its service life cycle is reduced; this can lead to its loss, the system uses more power, the coefficient of performance (COP) is significantly affected.

A 5°C increase in the temperature of condensation, on an installation in which heat exchangers are clogged, can lead to a reduction of 7% of the cooling capacity, an increase in the energy consumption of 10% and a net loss of 16% of the efficiency of the compressor. All these performance reductions are sources of rising operating costs.


Regular maintenance of the fins of the heat exchangers is therefore recommended to maintain energy efficiency and optimum performance of the installation, and extend the life of the equipment.


Before - After cleaning


CARLY has developed a dedicated cleaner / degreasing agent for aluminium micro-channel heat exchangers (MCHE), CARLYCLEAN-MC.

This highly efficient product removes dust, pollen, fat and viscous deposits.

Its neutral pH (7.0 - 8.5) preserves the natural aluminium oxide protective layer of the heat-exchangers.

CARLYCLEAN-MC is ready-for-use; it is applied by spraying directly on MCHE heat exchangers.

Non-foaming, it requires very little water for the rinsing phase.

CARLYCLEAN-MC is biodegradable and ecological; it is available in 500ml bottles or 5L and 25L cans.

Breakthrough innovation at CARLY: a new generation of CO2 140 bar oil separator: TURBOIL-R-P 14 - INTEGRITY

What is behind this name?

CARLY, French manufacturer founded in 1923, which will soon celebrate its 100 years of existence, became known in the small world of refrigeration component manufacturers in 1945 with his famous DCY filter-drier. This component will quickly become a reference in the field of filter-driers far beyond the borders of the hexagon (France !)
As early as in 1997, CARLY launched a breakthrough innovation in the field of oil circuit components: the TURBOIL oil separator, an original and highly efficient product.

This separation system, TURBOIL patented by CARLY, ensuring then at the time, the best oil / refrigerant separation rates through an original design: breaking speed, change of direction, centrifugation and coalescence phenomenon simultaneously.

Over the years, CARLY, has observed a significant increase in CO2 refrigeration plants. To participate to this market shift, CARLY developed a wide range of planet friendly components for this natural refrigerant :
 • Sealed type filter-drier 64/140 bar
 • Filters 64 bar
 • Y filters 90 bar
 • Discharge muffler 64/140 bar
 • Replaceable core filter (driers ) 60/140 bar
 • Check valves 90 bar
 • Oil filters 64/140 bar
 • Special oil for CO2 acidity tests

Following the field trips, discussions with the manufacturers and their customers, the CARLY scientific team notes that the efficiency of the transcritical CO2 separators strongly varies according to the load rates of the installations.
And it is known that these are likely to change significantly depending on the seasons or uses of the units.
Refrigerants such as CO2 require high pressure / high temperature systems to operate. These operating conditions - more extreme than in conventional systems - bring the refrigerant density closer to that of the oil in the compressor. That favors exchanges between the compressor oil on the one hand and the refrigerant on the other hand. The migration of very fine oil particles (size less than 1 micron) is then amplified at the discharge line, from the compressor oil to the refrigerant mass flow rate. The size, density and concentration of the fine oil particles in the refrigerant gas then vary according to the facilities and their use (charge rate).
This higher level of fine oil particles makes the separation of the oil more difficult with a CO 2 refrigerant than with a conventional refrigerant and for this reason the existing oil separating devices on the market have a number of disadvantages. In some cases a significant amount of fine oil particles remain mixed with the refrigerant gas, which tends to reduce the performance of the exchangers and to induce an undesirable oil consumption, and ultimately damage the installation. These fine particles of oil, present in the refrigerant gas, will in turn settle in the circuit of the installation until the flow in the installation (and consequently the velocity of the gas in the circuit ) increase again enough to naturally help these particles to the compressor.
The CARLY scientific team sees this problem as an opportunity to capitalize on its 20 years of experience in oil separation and to tackle this new challenge: how to develop a separator that would give "honest" results ie optimal, whatever the load rates of the installations!
The TURBOIL-P14 project was born within the CARLY teams
CARLY R & D then launched a program of in-depth studies on the complexity of the C02 hydrocarbon separation with the main objective of developing a tailor-made separation solution offering the highest quality standards over a very wide range of installations’ load rate. This intensive program of laboratory analyzes is then carried out by the CARLY R & D team on its pilot plants in its LISSIEU plant near LYON in order to comprehensively evaluate the performance of the main oil separators currently available on the national and international markets.
CARLY R & D was able to confirm the theory developed in the scientific literature (signature of the compressor) and document that
1) the level of fine oil particles in the refrigerant mass flow tends to be systematically higher in high pressure systems. CO2 than in conventional refrigeration systems and
2) its level varies with the refrigeration equipment load factor.

Thus, 20 years after the creation of TURBOIL, CARLY launches the TURBOIL-P14 for transcritical CO2 installations to track the fine particles of oils in CO2!
whose characteristics are as follows:
1. Superior efficiency
2. Integrity of results over a wide range of equipment load rates (integrity)
3. Maintenance-free / hermetic products
4. 140 bar 160 ° C
5. Vertical and horizontal mounting for certain models
6. Anti back wash system and muffler effect

CARLY will be happy , again, to hold a stand at the CHILLVENTA exhibition 2018, stand 336 in HALL 5.

On this occasion, CARLY will display its products range with a special focus on its CO2 product line and will introduce, for the first time , its new generation of oil separator: the TURBOIL-R-P 14 - INTEGRITY and its product ranges :
  • "mini-market" range up to 10kW
  •  "Supermarket and Industrial" range up to 289 kW.

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