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Know-how CARLY

Custom products

The economic environment in which we operate is becoming more and more demanding. Your clients expect increasingly comprehensive and competitive services from you. Very often, you have to face globalisation and its challenges.

It is more essential than ever to set yourself apart from your competitors by offering economic and innovative solutions to your market. You therefore expect your suppliers to provide you with proposals for technical solutions that are reliable and personalised. With solid experience and drawing on its high-performance structure, CARLY places all its know-how at your disposal together with a flexible and evolving production tool. CARLY, the expert in refrigeration components, can design and manufacture products specific to your applications in any quantity you require.

This “custom products” section allows you to view some of our work – we invite you to consult it regularly. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of project that you may wish to entrust to us. We would be more than happy to be able to contribute to your development and success.

 The filter drier: 3 in 1
The filter drier receiver with liquid sight glass is a multifunction product that ensures:
- filtration (12 microns)
- drying
- acid neutralization
- liquid refrigerant storage
- monitoring of moisture in the refrigerant
- visualisation of the refrigerant state (bubbles), thanks to a normal big size sight glass (24 mm diameter).



Compact oil separator

Oil separation and storage, and possibility of management of the oil return to the compressor(s) by adding an electronic sensor.




RCY 81488
Filter drier receiver units with integrated liquid sight glass
Refrigerant filtering, drying and acid neutralization for liquid lines, with integrated liquid receiver, and visual refrigerant and moisture monitoring.






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