Oil regulation system


Separation and recovery of the oil carried by the refrigerant in vapour phase at compressor outlet of refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

The TURBOIL® oil separators limit the amount of oil within the circuit, thus allowing increasing the performances of the heat exchangers and prevent abnormal wear, even the breakage of compressors by lack of oil.

They must be used in applications where the return of oil through the suction is not guaranteed: facilities with long pipes, oil traps, with evaporation temperatures lower than – 5 °C, with compressors in parallel, or with variable speed, for systems with multiple compressor stages in cascade, Flood, Booster…

They ensure a regulated oil return to the compressor crankcases and participate by their position on the circuit, in the reduction of the vibrations generated by the compressors and sound level of the discharge gas.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure up to 140 bar.
  • Reliability and efficiency of the TURBOIL® oil separators are ensured thanks to a CARLY patented process, simultaneously associating several oil separation techniques:
  • ➜ centrifugation by helical motion generated by one or several spirals
    ➜ coalescence thanks to the needled material of these spirals
    ➜ sudden modification of speed by increase of the flow area located at the separator’s inlet
    ➜ sudden change of direction: inlet of the mixture by the top, outlet of the refrigerant from the higher lateral part and outlet of the oil from the lower part.

    Low pressure drop compare to a separator using coalescent cores
  • Do not need specific maintenance operations, because there is no cores to be replace periodically.
  • The presence of an internal baffle eliminates a new risk of the oil being carried by the refrigerant.

Product reference

TURBOIL-R-P14 103 S | TURBOIL-R-P14 205 S | TURBOIL-R-P14 207 S | TURBOIL-R-P14 309 S | TURBOIL-R-P14 411 S