Oil regulation system


Monitoring and automatic upholding of the optimal oil level in the crankcase of each compressor of refrigeration and air conditioning multi-compressors installations.

The oil level regulators LEVOIL participate in the return of the oil into the compressors and to their proper functioning; they are only used in low pressure oil return systems.

They allow the installation of compressors at unequal heights or different level of oil.

They allow, on the same installation, the connection in parallel of compressors with different cooling capacities or operating at different regimes..

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Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure 46 bar.
  • Optimized range of oil level regulators equipped with two 7 holes universal flanges in order to be mounted on most of compressors available on the market.
  • Resistance to higher pressure and limited foaming phenomenon inside the regulator due to the spherical design.
  • Internal valve/needle/float oil return system, efficient and reliable. Minimizes the bad effect of foaming and ensures a good stability of the oil level.
  • The density and viscosity of oils have nearly no effect on the regulator LEVOIL®.
  • Due to the large pressure differential (1bar to 4,5bar), the basic model LEVOIL 23 is suitable for mounting on 2 levels cascade packs (supermarket application).
  • Model LEVOIL 33 RE with adjustable ΔP from 1 to 6,5 bar and a pressure equalization connection.
  • For the regulators with 7 holes flanges, the visualization of the oil level is facilitated, due to left or right mounting possibilities.
  • Installation possible on the right or left side of the compressor, thanks to the centered inlet oil connection.
  • Oil inlet connection inclined backwards, in order to avoid the cylinder heads of the compressor.
  • Small volume of oil retention in the lower part of the LEVOIL®.
  • Wide range of adapters allowing connection of the LEVOIL® on most of the compressors available on the market.

Product reference

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