Oil regulation system


Continuous filtration and dehydration of polyol-ester oils (POE), on the oil return line to the compressors crankcases, present in the refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

HYDROIL is a safety component for refrigerating compressors, because when the quantity of water contained in the oil is not controlled, the esters transform by hydrolysis into alcohol and fatty acids (soaps), likely to block the smallest orifices and to cause the compressor burnout.

This filter is essential for the proper functioning of the compressors and oil level regulators. It protects them from contaminants that may damage them (metallic chips, filings, oxides, sludge, humidity, etc…).

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure 46 bar.
  • Those filters may be used on low and high pressure oil return systems.
  • Automatic bypass of the internal filter when it is too dirty and when the pressure drop generated exceeds 0.5 bar; this particularity ensures the continuity of compressor lubrication, even if filter maintenance is late.
  • A large contaminant retention capacity is ensured by an important filtering area of 175 cm2 and by a volume of drying agents of 170 cm3 with very low pressure drop.
  • Chemical agents in the form of free grains, for very high drying performances.
  • A pressure tap on the filter case makes it possible to check its good operation.

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