Oil regulation system


Storage of the oil separated from the refrigerant by the oil separator(s) of refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

This oil is then re-distributed to the compressor sumps, by means of LEVOIL mechanical or electronic oil level regulators.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure: up to 46 bar.
  • Oil return in high pressure possible.
  • Inlet and outlet equipped with ROTALOCK valves, with pressure tap.
  • Presence of a 3/8” SAE connection in the upper part, for recommended mounting of a differential relief valve type HCYCT or HCYCTR.
  • Presence of two sight glasses with colourful level ball, allowing visualization of the quantity of oil stored in the receiver and detection of any malfunction within the oil circuit.
  • Very large range of oil receivers: from 4 to 30 litres.

Product reference

HCYR 40 | HCYR 80 | HCYR 81 | HCYR 120 | HCYR 121 | HCYR 150 | HCYR 200 | HCYR 300