Oil regulation system


 Oil filtering on the oil return line to the compressor sumps of refrigerating and air conditioning installations, running in high working pressures.

These filters are required for the good operation of oil level regulators and compressors. It protect them from any contaminants that could damage them (metallic chips, filings, oxides, sludge, etc…).

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure: up to 64 bar with CO2 in subcritical compression systems.
  • Very large filtering surface areas for very low pressure drop.
  • Presence of a permanent magnet located at the inlet of the filter, ensuring the immediate “trapping’’ of all steel particles.
  • Very large range of filters: 6 different models.
  • Connections to solder are made of copper-plated steel and allow to use brazing alloys with a low silver percentage; their resistance to pressure is much higher than the full copper connections.

Product reference

HCYF-P6 52 | HCYF-P6 53 | HCYF-P6 53 S | HCYF-P6 53 MMS | HCYF-P6 83 | HCYF-P6 84