Oil regulation system


 Oil filtering on the oil return line to the compressor sumps of refrigerating and air conditioning installations, running with high working pressures, with CO2 in trancritical compression systems.

These filters are required for the good operation of oil level regulators and compressors. They protect them from any contaminants that could damage them (metallic chips, filings, oxides, sludge, etc…).

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure: up to 140 bar with CO2 in transcritical compression systems.
  • Very large filtering surface areas for very low pressure drop.
  • Automatic bypass of the internal filter when it is too dirty and when the pressure drop generated exceeds 3 bar; this particularity ensures the continuity of compressor lubrication, even if filter maintenance is late.

Product reference

HCYF-P14 52 | HCYF-P14 52 S/MMS | HCYF-P14 53 | HCYF-P14 53 S/MMS