Oil regulation system


Differential valves are used on low pressure oil return systems of refrigerating and air conditioning installation.

They are mounted on oil receivers in which they maintain a permanent overpressure compared to the compressor crankcases in order to ensure them a constant oil distribution. This is the guarantee of a regular and permanent oil reintegration.

Therefore, the oil which is returned to the compressor crankcases is free from refrigerant as, should any refrigerant come from the oil separator, it would be expanded in the oil receiver and drained out to the suction line via the differential valves.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure: 46 bar
  • HCYCT: 4 models of non adjustable differential valves with set pressures of 0.35, 1.4, 3.5 and 7 bar.
  • The HCYCT 7 is suitable for working with high pressure differential (7 bar) such as CO2 installations.
  • HCYCTR: 1 model of adjustable differential valve allowing a possible adjustment of the set pressure with a rod handled with a tool (square section of 7,8 mm), from 0.35 bar to 3.5 bar. Adjustment in factory : 1,4 bar.
  • The HCYCTR allow to very precisely adjust the differential of pressure, according to the characteristics of the compressors and the components of the oil return system.
  • The possibility to adjust the pressure differential enables to solve some problems of oil return.

Product reference

HCYCT 1 (0.35bar) | HCYCT 3 (1.4 bar) | HCYCT 4 (3.5 bar) | HCYCT 7 (7 bar) | HCYCTR