Receivers, suction accumulators and water cooled condensers


Water cooled condensers with liquid receiver ensure cooling, condensation and storage of refrigerant in refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

They also allow storage of the refrigerant, in order to compensate volume variations due to the opening and closing sequences of the expansion valve.

In CO2 subcritical installations, they can be used as a liquid receiver with exchanger to keep temperature and pressure stable.

Heat exchange is carried out by a water circulation inside a very high performance finned copper tubing coil.

Energy recovery: The use of a water cooled condenser CONDOR allows to heat with lower costs water circulating in the exchanger (technical hot water…)

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximum working pressure 46 bar.
  • Water cooled condensers with receiver are supplied perfectly clean and dried.
  • They offer both following connection possibilities for the refrigerant:
    ➜ Outside of the connections to screw.
  • ➜ Inside of the connections to braze.

    Heat exchangers made of finned copper for very high performance.
  • Low water consumptions.
  • Low pressure drop on water.
  • A wide range of accessories is available:
    ➜ Rotalock stop valves, with connections to screw or to braze.
    ➜ Rotalock connections with possibility of diameter reductions and with connections to braze.
  • Reduction of the quantity of the refrigerant in the circuit compared to installations with air cooled condensers.

Product reference

CONDOR-H 150 | CONDOR-H 250 | CONDOR-H 500 | CONDOR-H 750 | CONDOR-H 1000