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Refrigerant leaks have a direct impact on the greenhouse effect, but they also have an indirect impact linked to a loss of performance of the installation and excessive energy consumption.
The French and European regulations on leak detection checks for refrigerating and air conditioning systems aim at:

  • limiting the emissions of greenhouse effect refrigerants
  • enhancing the protection of the ozone layer.

The check should be performed by a company duly registered: when startingup, when intervening on the circuit, and at least once a year for installations in operation.
CARLYLOC is a simple, practical foaming solution, ideal for detecting leaks and thus ensuring rapid maintenance of the installation.


Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Specially designed for leaks of refrigerants and natural gas (CO2, Ammonia, Nitrogen…)
  • Fast leak detection forming bubbles.
  • Adheres to all surfaces.
  • Practical aerosol usable in all positions (360°).
  • CARLY offers CARLYLOC in the form of a 0.5-litre spray and of 5-litre or 25-litre refill can; this packaging mode presents numerous advantages:— technical advantages: the product is more viscous than in aerosol. It covers more efficiently the surfaces to be checked, bubble detection is easier, the product’s yellow fluorescent coloration allows better visibility;— environmental advantages: the container is re-usable as opposed to the aerosol that should be disposed of after use;— economical advantage: 100 % of the contents can be used; refills in the form of 5-litre and 25-litre cans make the product extremely price-attractive.

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