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Heat exchangers coils used in air conditioning and refrigerating systems, are the seat of pollutants (mineral and vegetable dusts, humidity, acid rains, sulphurated or nitrogenous compounds).

These pollutants, major actors of atmospheric corrosion, are extremely harmful for the exchanger’s surfaces (particularly aluminium fins).

The main metal materials, used in the heat exchanger’s manufacturing (aluminium and cuprus alloys, galvanized steel), may corrode.

The corrosion under pollutants deposits, the most frequent, entails the complete deterioration of fins.
Changed into alumina (whitish product), the aluminium fins, for example, becomes breakable without any mechanical property.

To remedy the severe deterioration and extend the heat exchangers fins life, CARLY offers an anti-corrosion treatment – CARLYCOAT.

CHLORINE free product.


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Carly advantages

  • CARLYCOAT ensures a high anti-corrosion and anti-oxydation protection of heat exchanger fins.
  • Very high covering power.
  • Homogeneous cover. Does not run, with high aluminium pigments content.
  • Resists on surfaces where the temperature is between -50°C and 550°C.
  • Product without chlorides.
  • Ready to use product.
  • Fast drying (on clean and dry surfaces).
  • For new heat exchangers or exchangers having already been used.
  • Recyclable steel casing.

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