Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Immediate and direct monitoring of flow, condition or moisture content of the refrigerant in its liquid or diphasic phase in refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: 42 bar.
  • The large size of the glass and the absence of a central hygroscopic tip ensure an excellent visibility.
  • The moisture indicator fastening system ensures protection against erosion and prevents fouling by oils and dirts present in the circuit; it also eliminates any turbulence that would hinder proper vision of the refrigerant and does not lead to any pressure drop.
  • Room, material and mounting time are saved, compared with the installation of a sight glass fitted to bypass the refrigerating line.
  • The brass base and the dichromated zinc-plated steel glass ensure perfect resistance to corrosion.
  • The glass is cast in metal which eliminates risks of leak.

Product reference

VCYLS 5 | VCYLS 7 | VCYLS 9 | VCYLS 11 | VCYLS 13 | VCYLS 17 | VCYLS 21