Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Reinforced refrigerant circuits cleaning and decontamination in refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

Temporary use for:

  • new installations during start-up period for a very efficient protection of compressors against all types of dirts.
  • existing installations for an efficient refrigerant cleaning after compressor burnout.
Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: 46 bar.
  • Great efficiency for acid, wax binding and oily sludge neutralization at all temperatures, thanks to a fair distribution of chemical agents present in the filters: molecular sieves, activated alumina, active charcoal.
  • Chemical agents in the form of free grains for increased performance and elimination of the risk of polluting the circuit with solid particles, consecutive to desiccant core break-up.
  • Important retention capacity, without blocking risk and with minimum pressure drop.
  • Very economical cleaning process without loss of time, because the installation is still running during the operation.
  • Environmental protection and savings of refrigerant, because using these cleaning filters allows re-use of the refrigerant after pollution control.
  • The copper-plated steel connections up to a diameter of 3/4” to be welded facilitate the brazing and allow using filler metals with a low silver percentage.

Product reference

FNCY 283 | FNCY 284 | FNCY 285 | FNCY 285 S/MMS | FNCY 286 S | FNCY 286 MMS | FNCY 287 S/MMS | FNCY 489 S | FNCY 489 MMS | FNCY 4811 S/MMS | FNCY 4813 S | FNCY 4813 MMS