Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Permanent refrigerant filtering, compressor and regulation element protection in refrigerating and air conditioning installations.

Recommended use after commisionning of the installation.

Particularly recommended for sealed groups, their automatic bypass system prevents a major drop in suction pressure.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: 46 bar.
  • Two access valves allow measurement of the filters’ pressure drop, to check filter saturation.
  • Permanent treatment until saturation and regular refrigerant distribution, through a tubular felt core, that creates a lower depression than in the connection piping.
  • Internal automatic bypass system in case of filter blocking.
  • Very economical cleaning process without loss of time, because the installation is still running during the operation.
  • Environmental protection and refrigerants savings because, according to the refrigerants pollution level, using those cleaning filters allows the reuse of the refrigerant after its cleaning up.
  • The copper-plated steel connections up to a diameter of 3/4” to be welded facilitate the brazing and allow using filler metals with a low silver percentage.

Product reference

FACY 283 | FACY 284 | FACY 285 | FACY 285 S/MMS | FACY 286 S | FACY 286 MMS | FACY 287 S/MMS | FACY 289 S | FACY 289 MMS | FACY 489 S | FACY 489 MMS | FACY 4811 S/MMS | FACY 4813 S | FACY 4813 MMS