Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


 Permanent refrigerant filtering, compressor and regulation element protection in refrigerating and air conditioning installations. 

Recommended use after commisionning, during circuit decontamination and refrigerant regeneration operations, and after the burn-out of a compressor. 

Particularly recommended for sealed groups, their automatic bypass system prevents a major drop in suction pressure.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: 46 bar. 
  • Two access valves allow measurement of the filters’ pressure drop, to check filter saturation. 
  • Permanent treatment until saturation and regular refrigerant distribution, through a tubular felt core, that creates a lower depression than in the connection piping. 
  • Internal automatic bypass system in case of filter blocking. 
  • Very economical cleaning process without loss of time, because the installation is still running during the operation. 
  • Environmental protection and refrigerants savings because, according to the refrigerants pollution level, using those cleaning filters allows the reuse of the refrigerant after its cleaning up. 
  • The copper-plated steel connections up to a diameter of 3/4” to be welded facilitate the brazing and allow using filler metals with a low silver percentage.

Product reference

FACY 283 | FACY 284 | FACY 285 | FACY 285 S/MMS | FACY 286 S | FACY 286 MMS | FACY 287 S/MMS | FACY 289 S | FACY 289 MMS | FACY 489 S | FACY 489 MMS | FACY 4811 S/MMS | FACY 4813 S | FACY 4813 MMS