Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Refrigerant filtering, drying and acid neutralization for refrigerating and air conditioning installation liquid lines with change over in flow direction, including heat pumps.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: 46 bar.
  • Two-way filter drier with very low pressure loss thanks to a CARLY patented internal check valve system ensuring an optimum circuiting of the flows.
  • No risk of discharge of the pollutants trapped inside the filter driers, during change over in flow directions.
  • Great drying and acid neutralization capacity at all temperatures, thanks to a rigorous selection and a judicious mix of the chemical agents present in the filter driers (activated alumina in order to neutralise the acids and molecular sieves to adsorb moisture); the volume of free-grains drying agents used in a CARLY filter drier is greater than that present in an equivalent model with a solid core.
  • Initial drying capacity guaranteed by a 200 °C oven drying and airtight sealing.
  • Drying ensured for the subcritical CO2 applications at low temperatures.
  • Filter driers sizes that ensure interchangeability with most products of the market.
  • A dispenser located at the inlet ensures optimal distribution and permanent treatment of the whole refrigerant, inside the filter drier.
  • The copper-plated steel connections up to a diameter of 3/4” – 18 mm facilitate the brazing and allow using brazing alloys with a low silver percentage.

Product reference

DDCY 082 | DDCY 082 S | DDCY 082 MMS | DDCY 083 | DDCY 083 S | DDCY 083 MMS | DDCY 084 | DDCY 084 S | DDCY 084 MMS | DDCY 163 | DDCY 163 S | DDCY 163 MMS | DDCY 164 | DDCY 164 S | DDCY 164 MMS | DDCY 165 | DDCY 165 S/MMS | DDCY 305 | DDCY 305 S/MMS | DDCY 307 S/MMS | DDCY 409 S | DDCY 411 S/MMS | DDCY 513 S | DDCY 517 S/MMS