Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Filtering and drying of refrigerants and acid neutralization for liquid lines of refrigerating and air conditioning installations, running with high working pressures with CO2 in trancritical compression systems.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Maximal working pressure: up to 140 bar with CO2 in transcritical compression systems.
  • Great drying and acid neutralization capacity at all temperatures, thanks to a rigorous selection and a judicious mix of the chemical agents present in the filter driers (activated alumina in order to neutralise the acids and molecular sieves to adsorb moisture); the volume of free-grains drying agents used in a CARLY filter drier is greater than that present in an equivalent model with a solid core.
  • A dispenser located at the inlet ensures optimal distribution and permanent treatment of the whole refrigerant, inside the filter drier.

Product reference

DCY-P14 052 S/MMS | DCY-P14 053 S/MMS | DCY-P14 163 S/MMS | DCY-P14 164 S/MMS | DCY-P14 165 S/MMS | DCY-P14 304 S/MMS | DCY-P14 305 S/MMS | DCY-P14 415 S/MMS