Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Interchangeable elements for the filter shells (BDCY, BCY, BBCY, ACY and BACY) ensuring the filtration, drying, or cleaning of the refrigerants of the air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • The cores CCY HP, PLATINIUM and N are oven-dried in order to be perfectly dehydrated before being packed in an easy-to-open sealed box. These cores have high humidity adsorption capacities at high and low condensation temperatures.
  • Efficient solutions for refrigerating circuit decontamination thanks to a complete range of cores.
  • The CCY F and CCY I cores are efficient whichever the refrigerant flow direction.
  • Presence of a date sticker to be filled in after the maintenance operations (core change).

Product reference

CCY 42 HP | CCY 48 HP | CCY100 HP | PLATINIUM 48 | PLATINIUM 100 | CCY 42 N | CCY 48 N | CCY100 N | CCY 42 F | CCY 48 F | CCY100 F | CCY 42 I | CCY 48 I | CCY100 I