Filtering - Drying - Decontamination


Suction line:
Cleaning, decontamination and protection of refrigerating and air conditioning installation refrigerant circuits.

Suction replaceable core filter shells give the possibility to replace only active filter parts.

Liquid line:
Refrigerant filtering and drying and acid neutralization for refrigerating and air conditioning installation liquid lines.

Replaceable core filter drier shells allow the replacement of the filter drier’s active parts only.

Technical documentation

Carly advantages

  • Individual core holders treated against corrosion by zinccoating, with a reduced course for easy core replacement; therefore, replacement time is extremely reduced, limiting the time the drying cores and the inner part of the circuit are exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Hermetically sealed external body made of steel to which an impregnation varnish and paint are applied to ensure a high resistance to corrosion ; this varnish ensures the internal anti-corrosion protection of the shell when it is opened for the initial set-up or during the replacement o the drying cores.
  • Core holder design ensures automatic and immediate centring of the filter drier shells.
  • No flow area restriction outside the filter drier shells thanks to an appropriate filtering system.

Product reference

BDCY 424 S | BDCY 424 MMS | BDCY 425 S/MMS | BDCY 427 S/MMS