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Filtering - Drying - Decontamination

DDNCY - Cleaning bi-directional flow and anti-acid filter driers (liquid line)

Technical description
• Cleaning and decontamination of refrigerant circuits in refrigerating and air conditioning installations with change over in flow direction, including heat pumps.

• Temporary uses:
  • new installations during start-up period for a very efficient protection of compressors against all types of dirts.
  • existing installations for an efficient cleaning of the refrigerant after compressor burnout.
DDNCY - Cleaning bi-directional flow and anti-acid filter driers (liquid line)
CARLY advantages
  • Maximal working pressure: 46 bar. 
  • Bi-flow filter drier with very low pressure loss thanks to a CARLY patented internal check valve system ensuring an optimum circuiting of the flows. 
  • High effectiveness in the neutralisation of acids and fixing of waxes and sludge at all temperatures thanks to a rigorous selection and a wise mixture of chemical agents present in the cleaning filter driers : molecular sieves, activated alumina, activated carbon. 
  • Drying and depollution of the coolant fluid ensured for the subcritical CO2 applications at low temperatures.
  • Chemical agents in the form of free grain, for increased performance and elimination of the risk of polluting the circuit with solid particles, consecutive to drying core break-up. 
  • No risk of discharge of the pollutants trapped inside the filter driers, during change over in flow directions.
  • Very economical cleaning process with no loss of time, because the installation is still running during the operation. 
  • Environmental protection and savings of refrigerant, because using these cleaning filters allows re-use of the refrigerant after pollution control.
Extra information
>> Technical documentation
pdf - 268 ko
>> Spare parts
pdf - 180 ko
>> Correction factors
pdf - 943 ko
>> Abbreviations and units
pdf - 880 ko
>> Connection features and drawings
pdf - 927 ko
>> General assembly precautions
pdf - 1075 ko
>> Weights and packaging
pdf - 985 ko
>> Compliance declarations Article 4§3
pdf - 361 ko
>> REACH communiqué
pdf - 770 ko
>> Warning - General sales terms
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Product references
DDNCY 083 / DDNCY 164 / DDNCY 305
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