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Maintenance products

CARLYCLIM - Disinfectant, deodorant, perfume tangerine

Technical description
The air conditioning systems must be maintained and disinfected regularly in order to avoid:
  • The development of bacteria and fungicides causing diseases such as Legionella, fungi, allergies
  • The development of bad smells.
CARLYCLIM is a surface disinfectant and deodorant with tangerine fragrance, containing essential oils with immediate and lasting effect.
Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

>> SDS CARLYCLIM 150 - click here

>> SDS CARLYCLIM 400 - click here
CARLYCLIM - Disinfectant, deodorant, perfume tangerine
CARLY advantages
  • Disinfectant deodorant « triple action » : fast, efficient and durable. 
  • CARLYCLIM is formulated with essential oils known for their aromatherapy qualities and abilities to fight against odors (Destroys bad smells, does not mask them). 
  • CARLYCLIM 150 is equipped with a One-Shot button: this allows either a classical intermittent diffusion, or, after percussion of the button, complete emptying in one go of the aerosol (ideal for cars a/c, central air treatment and aeraulic networks. 
  • The cardboard packaging of the CARLYCLIM 150 serves as a POS display for trade counter (contains 12 aerosols). 
  • Ready to use. 
  • Easy to use. 
  • Two different packaging possible: 150 ml aerosol (One-shot system) and 400 ml aerosol.
Extra information
>> Technical documentation
pdf - 251 ko
>> Maintenance products leaflet
pdf - 4969 ko
>> Weights and packaging
pdf - 985 ko
>> REACH communiqué
pdf - 770 ko
>> Warning - General sales terms
pdf - 1328 ko

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