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Maintenance products

DETECTOIL-POE - Identification test for polyol-ester oils

Technical description
DETECTOIL-POE is an identification test for polyol-ester oils.

This simple and economical device allows, on site, the immediate identification of the type of oil used: mineral – alkybenzine or polyester.

The user avoids all risk of mixing oils without first having to undertake long chemical laboratory analysis.

>> SDS DETECTOIL-POE - click here
DETECTOIL-POE - Identification test for polyol-ester oils
CARLY advantages
  • DETECTOIL-POE is ready for use product, usable on site.
  • Reading the test is very simple, quick (only few seconds) and efficient.
  • This product can be used instead of a long onerous analysis in a laboratory, or other measuring devices (refractometers).
Extra information
>> Technical documentation
pdf - 220 ko
>> Maintenance products leaflet
pdf - 4969 ko
>> Weights and packaging
pdf - 985 ko
>> REACH communiqué
pdf - 770 ko
>> Warning - General sales terms
pdf - 1328 ko

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