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Filtering - Drying - Decontamination

BDCY - Replaceable core filter shells (liquid and suction line)

Technical description
Suction line:
• Cleaning, decontamination and protection of refrigerating and air conditioning installation refrigerant circuits.

• Suction replaceable core filter shells give the possibility to replace only active filter parts.

Liquid line:

• Refrigerant filtering and drying and acid neutralization for refrigerating and air conditioning installation liquid lines.

• Replaceable core filter drier shells allow the replacement of the filter drier’s active parts only.
BDCY - Replaceable core filter shells (liquid and suction line)
CARLY advantages
  • Individual core holders treated against corrosion by zinccoating, with a reduced course for easy core replacement; therefore, replacement time is extremely reduced, limiting the time the drying cores and the inner part of the circuit are exposed to the atmosphere.
  • Hermetically sealed external body made of steel to which an impregnation varnish and paint are applied to ensure a high resistance to corrosion ; this varnish ensures the internal anti-corrosion protection of the shell when it is opened for the initial set-up or during the replacement o the drying cores.
  • Core holder design ensures automatic and immediate centring of the filter drier shells.
  • No flow area restriction outside the filter drier shells thanks to an appropriate filtering system.
Extra information
>> Technical documentation BDCY ACY BACY
pdf - 837 ko
>> Technical documentation BDCY BCY BBCY
pdf - 680 ko
>> Spare parts
pdf - 180 ko
>> Correction factors
pdf - 943 ko
>> Abbreviations and units
pdf - 880 ko
>> Connection features and drawings
pdf - 927 ko
>> General assembly precautions
pdf - 1075 ko
>> Weights and packaging
pdf - 985 ko
>> Compliance declarations Article 4§3
pdf - 361 ko
>> REACH communiqué
pdf - 770 ko
>> Warning - General sales terms
pdf - 1328 ko

Product references
BDCY 424 MMS / BDCY 424 S / BDCY 425 S/MMS / BDCY 427 MMS / BDCY 427 S
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