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Company presentation

CARLY is a highly active company, and an expert in line components for refrigeration systems for use in refrigeration, air-conditioning, renewable energy and industrial maintenance. CARLY offers you :

Its experience : founded in 1923, CARLY has built a solid international reputation. All its products are manufactured in France (Europe), and CARLY can give you the benefit of the know-how it has developed over the years in areas as diverse as metalwork, mechanics, soldering, brazing, assembly, chemistry, etc.


 Its many product solutions : the CARLY catalogue contains over 1000 references distributed over 40 families, giving you a unique selection of components. These components cover, among others, the following functions: filtration, drying, decontamination, reduction of noise pollution and vibrations, oil regulation, circuit maintenance etc. The breadth and depth of the ranges offered allow you to find in the CARLY selection a very precise response to your application needs.



Its flexibility : as an independent small and human sized company, CARLY develops customised technical solutions with and for you. Consequently, “non-catalogue” products, designed in partnership with clients and made upon request, represent more than 25% of its turnover. Visit the “special products” section of this website for a better idea of what CARLY can offer in this regard.



Its reliability : with a client satisfaction rate of 99.80%, CARLY deservedly has the complete confidence of companies seeking quality and excellent technical performance in their line components. Whether you are a manufacturer or an installer, you will know that the standard of your work depends not only on your expertise, but also on the quality of the components you use. This is why CARLY is one of the brands recognised and preferred by the most demanding professionals, both in France and many other countries, where CARLY exports over 60% of its production.



Its sense of partnership : CARLY has always sought to stay close to its clients. This is reflected in, amongst other things, very regular launches of new products and in the adaptation of existing ranges to new functional constraints. Far from considering itself as a mere refrigeration component manufacturer, CARLY has positioned itself first and foremost as a force for technical proposals in the area of line components. This process is founded on building partnerships based on mutual trust. Going beyond the supply of industrial products, CARLY allows you to benefit from personalised technical expertise, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of applications. It is clearly for all these reasons that CARLY is privileged to have a client loyalty rate of over 95%.

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