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Water cooled condensers

Water cooled condensers with liquid receiver CONDOR-V and CONDOR-H

Water cooled condensers with liquid receiver ensure cooling, condensation and storage of liquid refrigerant thanks to exchangers with water circulation.

Carly offers 2 ranges of products:

  • Vertical water cooled condensers, CONDOR-V (1kW  Capacity 25kW)
  • Horizontal water cooled condensers, CONDOR-H (1kW Capacity 10kW)

Water cooled condensers are steel receivers with heat exchangers inside.
Those exchangers are made of fin tubes especially designed for the condensation of refrigerants.
Their relation capacity/surface is very interesting. 
The optimization of the exchanger surface enables to minimize water consumption and to keep low condensation temperatures. 

The refrigeration connections can be made either by direct brazing, or by fitting some Rotalock type connectors or valves.
The diameters of exchanger tubes are optimized to limit water speed and avoid erosion risks.

Selection curves are available in the technical documentations and enable to select quickly the most accurate product according to the conditions of temperatures, water flows and pressure drops.

A wide offer of valves and connectors are available in option and enable to adapt easily the products to existing installations.

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