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LEVOIL 23 SU - NEW oil level regulator CARLY

Always more innovation... LEVOIL 23 SU

The range of LEVOIL oil level regulators has already consisted in 5 versions and will include a new one specially dedicated to Copeland® Scroll® Summit® compressors (ZB 50 to ZB 114 series).

Till now, it was necessary to use an adapter in order to install an oil level regulator on such a compressor. With the new LEVOIL 23 SU, the adapter is no longer required.


Thanks to its rotating female connection 1"1/4, the LEVOIL 23 SU is installed directly on the compressor, instead of the oil sight glass. The sight glass is then positioned on the second flange of the oil regulator.

This saves not only money but also assembling time, and reduces the risks of leaks.
The level is pre-adjusted at the ½ sight glass and it works with a ∆P from 1 to 4.5 bar. It is delivered with a complete set of gaskets.

Like the other models of the LEVOIL range, its conception enables to eliminate the foaming phenomenon inside the regulator. Thus the indication of oil level given by the sight glass is much more reliable. All the users have particularly appreciated this technological improvement since the launching of the LEVOIL range in January 2010.
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