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Corrosion: How to overcome and avoid it ?

Corrosion : How to overcome and avoid it ?

Corrosion - a major enemy in the refrigeration and air conditioning installations.

CARLYSTEEL and CARLYCOAT have been developed in order to face this damaging phenomenon and to avoid you important and expensive interventions.


CARLYSTEEL enables to unblock and lubricate the mechanical parts blocked or corroded (bolts, screws, nuts, hinges, pulleys…) in order to make their disassembling easier, while leaving a protective layer.
It makes a perfect lubrication of the micro mechanisms and dissolves grease and tar.
The product works in all positions, and the extension tube enables to reach points difficult to access.





CARLYCOAT permits the protection of the exchanger fins against corrosion so as to avoid that atmospheric pollutants damaged them (dust, moisture, acid rains…). It contributes to maintain the efficiency and the exchanger and to extend its lifetime.

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